Washable & Reusable urinary incontinence wear provides efficient and discreet protection with Super Absorbent "Absorb 2000" built-in liner. Offering these wonderfully efficient and discreet garments for light to moderate incontinence is our way of helping you to feel confident when shopping, dancing, hiking, golfing, doing the things you like to do. Enjoy life again! Quality products in various models and sizes available for men and women. 


  1 pair replaces 200 disposables
  Annual savings of over $900.( Compared with disposables, based on the use of 3 disposables per day ).
  Should be changed as often as disposables but instead of throwing away, just machine wash and dry.


  Identical to, looks and feels like traditional underwear.Discreet differs from the bulky messy disposables, pads,
and diapers on the market today, while achieving better than desired results.
  Lightweight, thin, noise free and body-hugging fit to prevent discomfort and embarrassment (no pad, inserts, or mess.)
  Helps maintain self-esteem.


  Washable and reusable (guaranteed for 200 washings)
  Environmentally friendly versus disposables filling landfills.

Super-Absorbent "Absorb 2000"

  Features "Absorb 2000", a unique inner layer that quickly absorbs fluids.
  "Absorb 2000" is manufactured using specially developed needling techniques to enhance both absorbency
and longevity wash after wash.
  Absorbs 800 times it's weight in water.
  Absorbs and spreads liquid throughout while keeping clothes and skin dry (no leaking).
  Sewn directly into garment (no inserts or pads to change).
  "Absorb 2000" last the life of the garment.
  Built-in MicroFibers deter bacteria that can cause odours.

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