Microwave wax


With a creamy texture, this specialized wax is ideally suited for dehydrated and dry skin.

Format : 425 g, 425 g, 600 g

Autre : - Algae formula, - Original formula, - Professional formula, - Sensitive area formula

425 g
600 g
- Algae formula
- Original formula
- Professional formula
- Sensitive area formula

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Natural sugar, algae.


1) Heat the wax 60 sec. The times are approximations and have been tested using a 750-watt microwave. 2) Before using, test the temperature by WARNING: Do not heat COLD WAX in a microwave oven or in a pot of boiling water. EPILDERME cold wax is thicker and stickier than microwaveable wax. We strongly recommend that you use either honeycomb or pellon strips. 1) Scoop out the wax using the EPILDERME spatula. 2) Wipe one side of the spatula against the top of the jar and twirl the spatula to remove excess wax. 3) Proceed with your waxing. (See application using the wax) It is very important to decrease the heating time required as the quantity of wax in the jar diminishes.